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A room they'll remember 

Give your guests something to be jealous about when they go home. Update those empty dull walls with a custom hand painted design of something that you LOVE. 

Here are a few of my favorites...

Milly & Dan 

 Milly and Dan's garden wall was looking a little dull and they contacted me to ask if I could help turn it into a colourful and inviting piece of art. They wanted their mural to be bold and colourful, to make their garden always feel like it's summer. 

Now when they invite their friends over sitting outside, with a glass of prosecco, is one of their favourite places. 

Pole Angels 

Mayghan Wilson is the owner of Pole Fitness in Roatan and she wanted a pair of wings what would uplift her clients during class.

I came up with a design that she loved and we scaled it to make sure it lined up perfectly with the poles. It makes for a pretty cool picture right?!

Albi's Whale

Albi's nursery was ocean themed and his parents, Mike and Charlie, wanted a mural that had dramatic blues and a whimsical feel to it. I came up with a few different designs for them to choose from and they were delighted with their final choice.
Whilst painting the mural, they had found a quote from Charlie’s great grandmother’s journal.  She was a nurse in the war and would get wounded soldiers to write down short passages. 
One soldier wrote 'Love many trust few but always paddle your own canoe' 
They felt this quote would go perfectly alongside the mural and asked me if I could add it in. 

Fence-y That.

Emily and Steve were in the middle of a big garden project and they saw my work and wondered if I could transfer it outside to their fence. Answer= YES.
I came up with a flower design featuring bumblebees that would add a little more bloom to their new garden.  

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