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Who Am I?

My name is Meg Jones and I am a professional muralist located in Cardiff, Wales and Falmouth Cornwall.  
My passion is making art and my goal is to help bring colour, life and a story to your walls. 



Where it all began..


I have always loved art and creating, ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I was extremely eager through high school and carried it on at Glamorgan University. (Queue adorable image below.) 

I moved away from the UK at 19 and was abroad for 8 years.
In this time I have lived in Koh Tao Thailand, Melbourne Australia and Roatan Honduras and art is something that has followed me. I find myself always coming back to it as a way to get lost, relax and express myself. 


In 2017 I decided to create my very first mural (no, not Muriel.)  for a dive company located on the island of Roatan. 

Coconut Tree Divers, Roatan Honduras

It was here that a spark really ignited the fire in me. I was suddenly aware not only could I get my work out there but that I could also show a message or a story for people though my murals. 


Since 2017 I have created an array of murals and my goal is to make this passion of mine a living. 

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